Antigone Michalakopoulou  

Born in Kalamata, Greece. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Studied Architecture in National Technical Univercity of Athens and Fine Arts in Athens School of Fine Arts

I define reality as starting point and initial material of my work. Reality as a true, commonly accepted image. As a present, usual state of things. As a prevailing condition. As such, I consider a space (interior/exterior), a landscape (natural/urban), an object(s), a human body(ies).

Each work is developing through a structured procedure. There is always an hierarchy, that gradually leads to the final action, proposal, intervention.

The initial phase has to do with understanding, studying, recording, getting a deep knowledge of each given situation that I am dealing with: analogies, geometry, the use of a space, a landscapeís characteristics, an objectís qualities, habits of a human body, a bodyís presence in a space.

Depending on the recorded data (3d models, sketches, orbits, movements, sculptural structures and spatial qualities produced) the need of an intervention originates and its nature is defined. The synthesisís architecture becomes clear.

The intervention structured produces a new, unexpected image: a fresh, new reality that underlines, stresses, reveals, reminds, reverses, undermines concepts, meanings and notions.

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